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Nayland Painted Dovecotes Twelve Nest - Pressure Treated Timber - L86 x W86 x H390 cm

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Nayland Painted Dovecotes Twelve Nest - Pressure Treated Timber - L86 x W86 x H390 cm

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Optional Feed Platter Natural for Nayland Dovecotes

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Optional Archway Blockers for Nayland Dovecotes

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Product Specifications

  • Length (mm): 860
  • Width (mm): 860
  • Height (mm): 3900

Nayland Dovecotes comprises of a Octagonal body and roof. Three levels of four nests supplying nesting for twelve pairs of doves.

Delivery Information

Delivery within an estimated 5 - 12 working days

Delivery is Free to UK mainland excluding highlands where a surcharge will apply, please check before ordering.



  • Removable Walls: Alternate walls are removable for cleaning access.
  • Feed Platter (Optional Add On): Aesthetically helps balance the cote. The platter profile mirrors the floor shape of the dovecote it is matched to. Feeding off ground and on the cote keeps the birds away from the cat and strengthens their homing .
  • Layout: INDIVIDUAL NESTING BAYS - each pairing gets its own bedroom. OFFSET NEST - nests are offset from the door to afford a degree of shelter. INDIVIDUAL BALCONIES - all around balconies that circle the cote allows unattached males to more easily promenade around the cote unsettling settled pairs.
  • Crowning: Weathered with hand dressed lead and a purpose turned finial.
  • Stabilising: A set of treated underground braces that stabilises the post, without resorting to concreting.
  • Composite Post: The posts are made-up of sections of pressure treated timber. Nayland 6 & 12 Nest Cotes have finished of size of 14 x 14 cm. The Nayland 20 nest post finishes at 21 x 21cm. This method makes the post extremely strong. The resulting multiple layers of treatment. makes the post even less susceptible to rotting.

Other Details:

  • Materials: Pressure Treated Timber
  • Diameter Excluding Roof: 86 cm
  • Dovecote Height: 199.5 cm
  • Height Including Dovecote & Post: 390 cm

Please Note:

The timbers used are pressure treated prior to building so well protected against rot. However, we strongly recommend that your housing is treated at least once yearly with our water repellent, animal safe, timber treating overcoat. This forms an invisible, water repellent layer over the house, so lessening the moisture uptake that in time could promote timber decay.