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Chicken, Duck, Waterfowl and Poultry Housing

Wide range of chicken houses, duck nest boxes, hen coops and runs and duck nesting boxes and all British made.  Whether you are looking for a large chicken shed for a large flock of layers or a small back garden chicken coop for 3 or 4 hens or maybe a broody coop, we will have something to suit you.  Our extensive range of poultry houses, floating duck and waterfowl houses, goose and swan housing and floating platforms/pontoons, chicken coops, hen houses, chicken arks and runs are robustly built and made in the UK.

All our chicken coops and floating duck houses, nest boxes, duck boxes and runs are manufactured to extremely high standards, they are all made with treated timber from sustainable sources. The runs are made from heavy grade galvanised mesh and we aim to make them as fox proof as possible. 

BESPOKE SERVICE –  Looking for a made to measure chicken run, an extension to your poultry enclosure or a specific size of chicken run, contact us and we will make whatever you need tailor-made to measure to your requirements. If you are looking for something specific or would like advice on poultry keeping please contact us.

Not sure what to buy?  Then please feel free to call us and chat through the options and also get free advice on poultry keeping.