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Weathervanes were traditionally used by farmers to determine if the wind direction was on their side. Nowadays, weathervanes are mounted on rooftops or atop posts as decorative garden ornaments with the added benefit of identifying the direction of the wind. Our weathervanes are British designed and British made, each with a different animal or character, perched proudly above the arrow. The weathervanes within our range each bring a unique quality and are sure to reflect your character or hobby. Whether you golf, fish or ride a horse there will be a weathervane for you.  Each Weathervane at Buttercup Farm is handmade in Britain with Steel and we will supply you with “How to fit a weathervane” installation instructions.  Every kind of Weathervane you could possibly dream of is available at Buttercup Farm, so if you are looking for a weathervane in the UK or a weather cock, as often referred to due to the traditional cockerel design that featured on them, you will find one in our collection.  The function of them has remained only partly useful in determining the direction of the wind and for most, they are used as decorative pieces on the rooves of buildings, farmhouses or ornate structures. The word 'vane' comes from the Old English word 'fana' meaning 'flag'.  Most weathervanes feature an arrow pointing the direction of the wind, with a larger 'tail end' to catch the wind. The four compass points often accompany the weathervane below showing a more 'accurate' direction for the wind, although this assumes one has positioned it correctly at installation!  Our weathervanes are all handmade in the UK, attention to detail and craftmenship associated with the construction of all items gives our clients peace of mind that they are purchasing a product that will last. A great present for anyone who enjoys their garden, our weathervanes can be attached to the roof of houses, sheds, summer houses and more. We recommend a location where there is a good passage of wind.  Our weathervane gifts feature a number of styles and silhouettes on our handmade weathervanes, with a style to suit a majority of interests and themes, including a horse, Welsh dragon, cockeral, swan, witch, St George, fisherman styles and more, a great gift for a family member.  Weathervanes make perfect presents for those living in the countryside.  If you want to add a unique touch to any country house, farmhouse, garden building, whey not choose a weathervane from our selection and buy one as a gift and see it every time you visit!  Choose from fisherman, farmer, gamekeeper or even a witch!