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Gravel, Slates & Pebbles

Gravel, Slates & Pebbles
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If you are about to embark on a garden landscaping project be sure to check out our assortment of gravel, slate or pebbles and our patio slab kits. We have a large variety of colours, with earthy browns and bright purples as well as pure whites and shimmering golds. Adding gravel, pebbles or cobbles to your patio or driveway will transform it into an attractive area of the garden. Also ideal for use in garden borders and pathways, adding colour and fascination to your garden. Within our selection you are sure to find the finishing touch for your landscaping project, don't miss our best-selling Dorset Pebbles, Limestone, Cheshire Pink, Slates in Plum, Blue and Green and our Midnight chippings or Scottish Pebbles are simply stunning for creating a feature rockery area.