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Cold Frames

Cold Frames
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  1. Bell Cloche 67 (The Plant Cage Support)
    12 - 20 Days
  2. Large Bell Cloche 90 (The Plant Cage Support)
    12 - 20 Days
  3. Timber Coldframe
    5 - 10 Days
  4. Alderley Cold Frame
    2 - 10 Days

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Protect your tender plants, cuttings and seedlings from incliment weather in a cold frame or mini greenhouse and help your garden bloom whatever the weather.  Choose from our our great range of cold frames and mini greenhouses and keep your plants dry and warm out of the cold or frosty weather.

View our traditional wood cold frames which are boxes that lie flat on the ground with a glazed sloping lid with perspex or glass which are useful as an alternative to a greenhouse and we also sell a choice of mini greenhouses which are glazed boxes that stand vertically.