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Oasis Cabin
Sanctuary Cabin
Bradley 19 mm Log Cabin 7' x 7'

Starting at £776.88

Bradley 19 mm Log Cabin 8' x 8'

Starting at £873.60

Bradley 19 mm Log Cabin 9' x 9'

Starting at £993.72

Avesbury 19 mm Log Cabin 8' x 6'

Starting at £716.04

Peckover 19mm Log Cabin 8' x 8'

Starting at £886.08

In stock now, a huge range of quality log cabins which we will deliver free of charge.

We are also able to offer an assembly service on the majority of our range of garden buildings.

Our cabins are available in a choice of styles and sizes and usually do not need any planning permission.

Whether you are looking for a corner log cabin, home office, garden room, summerhouse, bedroom for additional occasional overnight accommodation, a tiny house project, garden pub or bar, man cave, hobbies room, a home gym or a den, we will have a suitable cabin in our range of log cabins that will provide the space that you need.

Sourced from quality manufacturers and suppliers including Shire, our log cabins are long lasting and will enhance your garden.

We offer free advice and can send you the plans and installation instructions on any cabin you are interested in buying so please feel free to get in touch for more information.