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Mensa Braserade BBQ Table Grill

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You're driving home from work on a hot sunny afternoon and you can smell barbeque coals and fragrant grilling food in the air... but you just dont have the time or energy to prepare a full barbeque session.


The Mensa Braserade Table Grill was specifically created for those times when you just want to relax around the outdoor dining table with your family and friends without having to attend to a full size barbeque.

Mensa (The Table Mountain) is manufactured in our production standard heavy gauge 304 grade stainless steel, securely mounted to a sustainably manufactured laminated bamboo work surface. This gives you ultimate hygiene from the cooking surface to the table surface, with the bamboo work surface catching any oil runs that may occur from the grill plate. The heavy duty bamboo work surface also aids safe handling of the grill to and from the table, and acts as a heat shield from the grill to the table surface.

The Mensa table grill is designed in the style of what is known in the grill world as a \"Braserade\", which are often seen in France at outdoor family dining tables.

Please use your Mensa grill in an outdoor barbeque suitable area on a level table surface, with an overhead cover in the event that rain is expected.

The Mensa table grill has been design specifically for use with small to medium pieces of lumpwood and briquette charcoal to cook edible food. We advise preparing about 0.5kg of charcoal available per cooking session. Smoking chips are a perfect addition to the embers to give you your perfect smoke flavour intensity.

We advise the use of wood wool twisted firelighters to start your table barbeque grill. We do not recommend using parrafin based fire cubes due to the toxins involved in manufacture.

Thin pieces of wood kindling can also be used as fire starter fuel but during live flame it may be likely to be too hot to cook on, due to the initial intense heat release of wood. Creating a bed of embers with wood (and charcoal) to then cook over is ideal.

To add fuel during the cooking process, put your heat gloves on, carefully lift the grill plate and slide it onto the bamboo surface between the lower grill plates, add the necessary fuel and replace the grill plate.


  • All grill and body materials are smooth edged heavy gauge 304 stainless steel plates for robust strength, complete corrosion protection, ultimate food hygiene and easy clean
  • Mensa is mounted on a sustainable laminated bamboo work surface for safety and hygiene
  • The Bamboo work surface also acts as cooking preparation area and insulates the grill heat from your dining table
  • Effective cooking grill plate area of 32cm x 22cm (2-4 people)
  • Hybrid chapa/grill plate for cooking foods at different intensities
  • Removable chapa/grill plate for fuel loading and for cleaning embers and ash
  • Stencil stylised cut out features, to optimise coal and flame visibility, maximise heat radiation and allow air intake


  • Width: 28cm
  • Depth: 33cm
  • Height: 26cm
  • Weight: 9 Kg

Always ensure charcoal burning products are used safely, on solid stable ground, with no loose combustible materials in close proximity.