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Bootes Flat Pack BBQ

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Bootes (The Herdsman) is a development from the 6 Elements Outdoor Living team in answer to a call for a flat pack barbeque that was functional, robust, rugged and hip.


Bootes has been specifically designed for the many VW campervan and outdoor living fans out there who spoke to us at shows and requested if we made a barbeque that could be flat packed and stored in the back of a campervan, car or a kayak, when it was not needed. We got our thinking caps on and modified some ideas we had in our log basket already and came up with the appropriately titled BOOTES… as that’s where we figured it will generally be stored.

Bootes is constructed from 7 accurately cut plates that each interlock and slot together to create a self-supporting structure, a central stud is then locked at each end to create a completely solid and safe mini barbeque structure.

Bootes has been designed for maximum functionality in use with a minimal flat pack footprint for ultimate compact storage in your campervan, car, boat, canoe, kayak or backpack.

We suggest use in outdoor pursuits like camping, cycling, hiking, kayak trips, fishing expeditions, and also for general beach/seaside days out. Due to its extreme hygiene, environmental resistance, functionality, simple transportation and minimal biodegradable waste (ash) it is a functional and ecological travel companion.

Bootes has been designed for use with small to medium pieces of lumpwood and briquette charcoal to cook edible food. We advise having about 0.5kg of charcoal available per cook session. Smoking chips are always a good addition to the embers during cooking to obtain your required flavour.

Thin pieces of wood kindling can also be used as fire starter fuel but during live flame it may be likely to be too hot to cook on, due to the initial intense heat release of wood. Creating a bed of embers with wood (and charcoal) to then cook over is ideal.

The bay windows on the Bootes end faces can also be used to add fuel carefully during the cooking process, without having to remove the grill plate.

The Bootes assembly build time is within 5 minutes from flat pack to complete assembly. The construction takes shape by interlocking certain plates together to support each other and then securing the end plates with a central locking stud for ultimate safety during barbeque and food cooking use.

All relevant assembly instructions for the most efficient build process is supplied with each product pack.


  • All materials are smooth edged heavy gauge 304 stainless steel plates for robust strength, complete corrosion protection, ultimate food hygiene and easy clean and pack down
  • All Bootes parts are supplied in flat pack mode in a compact canvas zip lock case weighing 8.5 kg with a dimensional footprint of 37cm x 28cm x 4cm
  • In the assembled mode, the Bootes dimensions are 26cm wide x 33cm deep x 26cm high
  • Effective grill surface area of 32cm x 26cm (for 2-4 people)
  • Hybrid chapa/grill plate for cooking foods at different intensities
  • Removable grill/chapa plate for fuel loading and for cleaning embers and ash
  • Internal ash plate, reduces low surface heat burn & collects fallen ash and embers
  • Stencil stylised cut out features, to optimise coal and flame visibility and maximise heat radiation

Specification (Flat Pack Format):

  • Width: 28cm
  • Depth: 37cm
  • Height: 4cm
  • Weight: 8.5Kg

Specification (Assembled):

  • Width: 28cm
  • Depth: 33cm
  • Height: 26cm

Always ensure charcoal burning products are used safely, on solid stable ground, with no combustible materials in close proximity.