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Floating Duck and Swan Food Large bag - 10kg

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A large bag of our well balanced and highly nutricious floating waterfowl food is suitable for ducks, swans and other waterfowl.


Our floating duck and swan food has been sourced from high quality ingredients to offer your waterfowl a truly well balanced food.  This waterfowl food has been created as a tasty, nutritious treat for wildfowl and is based on a natural diet.  Contains Maize, wheat, fish meal, alfalfa, yeast, lecithin (from GM soybeans) and limestone.

This food can be sprinkled on the bank or in the shallows for ducks, as well as in deeper water for swans and as it floats you can be sure none will be missed!

Bread doesn’t have the nutrients water birds need to stay fit and healthy. It fills their stomachs so they then don’t want to forage, and has a negative impact on the water quality in ponds and lakes.

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