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Buttercup Hexagonal Floating Duck House - Large, Waterfowl Nesting Box for Pond or Lake

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This large hexagonal floating duck house will provide a safe place for your ducks to nest and breed as well as making a very attractive feature on your pond or lake.

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Large Hexagonal Floating Duck House

This attractive hexagonal floating duck house measures approximately 1100mm in diameter and is 800mm tall.

The Large Hexagonal Duck House has three compartments with an entrance pop hole to each section and the duck house is manufactured from a treated timber framework with tanalised 16 x 125 shiplap cladding  to the sides and roof.

The Large Hexagonal Duck House is supplied fully assembled

The Duck House sits on a Hexagonal Float approximately 1500mm diameter  constructed from tantalised timber incorporating a rigid float to enable the unit to sit on a pond or lake away from predators.

The Float has a central pre-drilled anchor hole for use with our anchor fixing (metal fixing which provides a metal loop in the middle of the underside of the float to attach a rope or chain to)

Alternatively, it is possible to secure the duck house into place on the water with the aid of our Tethering Kit . 

Landing Platforms are available to help ducklings and small breeds get onto the Float.

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