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Bird table


Advice on bird tables from the RPSB.


A bird table will be at its most popular and valuable when natural food is in short supply; usually from October to April.At the end of the winter there are natural signs that tell you when you can stop feeding: the appearance of large numbers of insects and the buds on the trees starting to open are good guides.
The bird table can be left in position all year round, but bringing it in out of the weather during the summer will prolong its life. 
If you wish to...

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year from Buttercup Farm

To see our New Year message and get our loyaly voucher code, please click on the link below

Gardening tip

At this time of year, it is recommended to give your mower a well-earned break!
A lawn can become a great habitat for a lot of wildlife - especially if you let the grass grow so for the last cut of the season, why not raise the height of mower blades for longer grass, ideal for insects. 

Have you hens stopped laying or their egg production slowed down?

Don’t worry if you hens have stopped laying or their egg production has slowed down.  This is completely normal as the shorter days are here and light is what stimulated the hens to lay eggs.  All being well as soon as the longer days begin again your hens will come back into lay.  This is usually from late January onwards.

Marans range of chicken houses

Last few days of the current sale prices on our website...treat your chooks to a new hen house for the winter!

Keeping chickens

Keeping chickens will add life to your garden and provide you with hours of pleasure, whether it be from collecting their eggs or simply watching them scratching around.  You might even find yourself talking to them!  They will certainly talk to you and once they get to know you, they will come running to you on sight.They are easy and cheap to feed and their eggs will provide you with the ingredients for a variety of meals - what more could you ask for?  Chickens do not need a huge space to liv...

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The duck house


We have our tickets booked to go and see The Duck House at the Yvonne Arnaud theatre.  We really couldn't miss this as some of our best selling products are duck houses.

Update: Well we went on our office outing to see the play, the Duck House and it was hilarious, a must see!

Anchoring or tethering a floating duck house

If you are considering adding a floating duck house to your pond or lake, please feel free to call us for advice on how to anchor your waterfowl nesting box or advice on tethering it to the bank of the pond.

It is important to ensure that the duck house stays in the middle of the pond or lake away from the banks to keep the ducks safe from predators so you can either anchor it to a heavy object or you can tether it to opposite banks.  Consider whether you need to be able to regularly access the d...

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Keeping ducks

Ducks make wonderful pets and they lay delicious eggs.  They will control the insects in your garden, act as handy lawnmowers and bring you endless entertainment with their antics. 

There are many breeds of duck that don't need a pond, simply a bowl of water can be enough water supply but they must have enough water to clean their eyes.  A toddler’s rigid plastic paddling pool makes an ideal splashing pool if you don’t have a pond.

They can live happily with other poultry and are easy to feed and ...

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New Buttercup Farm Blog!

This is the first post on the brand new Buttercup Farm blog! Here we will be bringing you all of the latest news and goings on at Buttercup Farm, as well as information about new products and offers. We'll also be providing free tips and advice on gardening, keeping chickens, ducks and other livestock. Stay tuned!

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