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Keeping Chickens

Chicken sitting on her eggs

Keeping Chickens

Keeping chickens will add life to your garden and provide you with hours of pleasure, whether it be from collecting their eggs or simply watching them scratching around.  You might even find yourself talking to them!  They will certainly talk to you and once they get to know you, they will come running to you on sight.

They are easy and cheap to feed and their eggs will provide you with the ingredients for a variety of meals - what more could you ask for?

Chickens do not need a hug...

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It’s nesting time for the ducks!


It’s nesting time for the ducks!

Most ducks will start to pair up between October and November, and will start nesting in March and we find that the majority of people welcome nesting ducks into their garden and really enjoy watching them. 

Ducks will prefer to nest near water although you may find them nesting in a dark corner of your flower bed.  The female generally makes her nest in a well-hidden place or in a natural hole in a tree or in a duck nesting box.  She will build a nest from leaves ...

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Let's have some fun with some birdwatching. We'd love to hear from you.. what birds you have seen in your garden this week? If you need help to identify them, take a look at the RSPB bird identifier:-…/bird-and-wildlife…/bird-identifier/# or to offer them a new home:-…


Taking Cuttings

It feels like spring today here at Buttercup Farm and we feel inspired to take some root cuttings ready for the growing season.  It’s very easy and an ideal way to increase your stock of perennials, such as phlox, rhus, mint, Japanese anemones etc.  Take cuttings now and you'll be potting up your new plants in spring.  Here’s how…

With your fork, simply lift the whole plant out of the ground being careful not to damage the roots.  Separate a section of roots and replant the plant.  

Wash the roots...

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Grow yourself healthy

Grow yourself healthy!

As avid gardeners, we know there is no better way to start leading a healthier lifestyle than growing your own produce! It’s packed full of vitamins, encourages us to eat more of the healthy stuff and it tastes delicious. This is our beginners guide to growing your own leaves, fruit and veg, which you can start today… 

Essential Gardening items for the new spring season

Salad Leaves

Rocket, spinach and lettuce are known in the gardening community as ‘cut and come again’ salad leaves because, quite literally, you can use them a...

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A hint of the Spring ahead

A hint of the Spring ahead!




We had a lovely view here today!



Bird Flu Control zone

As most of you will have now heard, due to the cases of Avian Flu (otherwise known as bird flu) found in wild birds, all bird keepers have been ordered to keep their poultry inside their housing. This is a preventative measure to prevent an outbreak of the disease in Great Britain. 
Regardless of whether you are a poultry farmer or a family who just cares for a handful of chickens or ducks, defra have implemented Prevention Zones, which affects all of England, Wales and Sco...

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Brighten up the garden

Soon the trees will be bare, but hang this cute plant pot holder filled with some winter pansies and it will brighten up your garden.



Hedgehogs Hiberating


Now the autumn is here, hedgehogs will be looking for a safe place to hibernate for the winter.  They usually hibernate from October/November through to March/April.



View our range of hedgehog habitats here

Protecting your plants in the cold weather

Minimise the damage from the cold and frosty weather on your plants

The cold weather, especially frost, can cause the water in plant cells to freeze and will damage the walls of the cells.

The signs of frost-damaged plants include limp growth, blackened and distorted stems and leaves.  Evergreen plants may turn brown and the leaves of tender plants take on a translucent appearance. 

Hardier plants can also be damaged if the soil becomes frozen as the roots cannot draw up water and the plants will ...

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Batten down the hatches!

It's that time of year when the weather turns very wet and windy. So now is the perfect time to check and replace those wobbly gates, fences and sheds. Many old gate and fence posts can start to rot at the base causing your fences and gates to be unstable. The roofing felt on sheds can become worn and loose which can cause leaks and rotting of the wood. We have a wide choice of sheds, gates and fence panels, so don't get caught out this winter, be prepared!

Give a hedgehog a home

Hedgehogs normally hibernate from November through to mid march so now is the perfect time to think about providing a home for a hedgehog. They are great for gardens and really help the gardener with the slug and snail battle. Hedgehogs eat insects, snails and slugs, but they will also welcome food left out for them like specialist hedgehog food. We have a choice of hedgehog homes on offer but we also have a great starter care pack which includes a hedgehog house, a guide and some tasty hedge...Read More

Bird Tables and Feeders

It's always good at this time of year to increase food sources for birds, so having bird tables and feeders in the garden will really help. There is a wide choice of foods for birds these days like fat balls, peanuts, mealworms and a whole array of seeds. We have a great selection of bird tables and feeders and many of them are on offer at the moment. It's great to watch the birds feed in your garden, at times they can be more entertaining than TV! More

Potting Tables/Benches

It's time to buy and pot up your spring bulbs like daffodils, hyacinths and crocus. We have a great selection of potting benches on offer at the moment.

Metal sheds back in stock

All our metal sheds are now back in stock.  These make great storage for keeping your garden furniture in over the winter months.

Spring is here!

We have added some great special offers for this weekend only, see below..
Lisa Table and chair set, Canterbury Gazebo, Folding potting table, Emily love seat,Moonlight Arch  Isabel Planter BenchHere at Buttercup Farm we have been very busy since the weather finally improved and our customers are ordering lots of gardening products getting ready for the growing season.

It's nesting time again

Advice from RSPB is that nestboxes are excellent substitutes for the holes found in old trees. In young woodlands and plantations, and in many parks and gardens there may be plenty of food for small birds but nowhere for hole-nesting birds to nest. Over 60 species are known to have used nestboxes. Regular residents include blue, great and coal tits, nuthatches, house and tree sparrows, starlings, spotted and pied flycatchers, robins, house martins, kestrels and tawny owls. Much depends on the ty...

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Log Cabins

New Log cabins

We have increased our range of log cabins and added a choice of single or double glazing and also a choice of tongue and groove cladding in ith 28mm, 34mm or 44mm.  I you need detailed plans or assembly instructions we are happy to email them.  Whether for a home office, garden room or summer house, our log cabins make a great addition to the garden and provice extra space.

Aviaries for budgies

Aviaries for Budgies

Many people know budgies as "parakeets," but their real name is "budgerigar". The word "budgerigar" comes from the aboriginal people of Australia, where budgies originated.

People seem to like to use "budgie" as a shortened version of "budgerigar". In English, "budgerigar" or "budgie" is a more accurate name, because "parakeet" actually refers to a large group of small to medium sized parrot species. That's right, budgies are actually small parrots!   Budgerigars were first br...

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Poultry keeping

If you are considering keeping poultry then read our guides below about keeping chickens or keeping ducks as pets in the back garden.  We also welcome you to telephone us for free advice on keeping poultry.

Keeping chickens

Keeping chickens will add life to your garden and provide you with hours of pleasure, whether it be from collecting their eggs or simply watching them scratching around.  You might even find yourself talking to them!  They will certainly talk to you and once they get to know yo...

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