Awesome benefits to having a water butt in your garden!

Quench your plants thirst with the water nature truly intended for them.

It may seem silly at first to take up so much precious garden space with something as bulky and as awkward as a water butt, but did you know that they’re actually hugely beneficial? From saving you money on water bills to nourishing your flowers, here are a small handful of awesome benefits to collecting rain water in your garden.

A water butt will give you a steady supply of water when you need it the most.

Even during the heat of the summer when hosepipe bans are in place, or with the unlikely scenario of your water being cut off, you will still have a healthy supply of water to tend to your flower beds, greenhousehanging baskets and vegetable plots.

It’ll save you money on water bills.

If your home is set up on a water meter that charges you for the amount you use, having a water butt will relieve at least some of the cost. Collect your water, free of charge, from the clouds, just as nature intended.

Harvested rain water is much healthier for your plants.

Rainwater is packed full with wholesome nutrients, unlike tap water which is often contaminated with nasty chemicals and chlorine.

Your plants and veggies will become more likely to flourish.

Greens, Veggies and Flowers all prefer their water at a similar temperature as their immediate surroundings. Tap water is often just too cold!

Finally, a reason to welcome the rainy weather!

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