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Mother duck said quack, quack, quack, quack...

Swimming lessons for these ducklings are slightly unusual in this swimming pool. The mother duck flew by and decided this was a lovely situation to hatch her brood in the flower borders. They are being well cared for in their current home but will soon be moved to the local duck pond where a floating duck house is waiting for them. Browse our range of floating duck houses.

Shall we name them?


Protecting your plants in the cold weather

Minimise the damage from the cold and frosty weather on your plants

The cold weather, especially frost, can cause the water in plant cells to freeze and will damage the walls of the cells.

The signs of frost-damaged plants include limp growth, blackened and distorted stems and leaves.  Evergreen plants may turn brown and the leaves of tender plants take on a translucent appearance. 

Hardier plants can also be damaged if the soil becomes frozen as the roots cannot draw up water and the plants will ...

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