Give a little thought to the insects in the gardens

Many gardeners consider taking care of the wild garden birds in their garden but the insects that also inhabit the garden are given less thought, although they bring many benefits to our environment.  Did you know that 8 out of 10 wildflowers could disappear without insect pollination or that over its lifetime, a ladybird may consume as many as 5,000 aphids?

Benefits of Insect Hotels

Encouraging biodiversity is good for the ecological balance in the garden. Since our gardens are home to a vast range of living creatures, in some cases over 2,000 different species of invertebrates, it is important to try and conserve this wildlife. Giving these insects a home can help your garden prosper and assist the conservation of vital wildlife.

Gardens can flourish with the introduction of an insect hotel as it will house pollinating bees, attract ladybirds and lacewings, both of which are natural aphid & greenfly (garden pests) predators. Key components to the hotels are logs, bark, bamboo and fir cones in various shapes and sizes to allow easy entry for all. The hotel is also a great spot for garden spiders.

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