If you are considering adding a floating duck house to your pond or lake, please feel free to call us for advice on how to anchor your waterfowl nesting box or advice on tethering it to the bank of the pond.

It is important to ensure that the duck house stays in the middle of the pond or lake away from the banks to keep the ducks safe from predators so you can either anchor it to a heavy object or you can tether it to opposite banks.  Consider whether you need to be able to regularly access the duck house to collect eggs because a pully system would be useful.

We sell anchor fixings with our square floating duck houses, this is a metal fixing that gives an metal loop on the underside of the float in the middle suitable to attach rope or chain to. 

Another option is a tethering kit which is stakes to put into the banks on opposite sides of the pond or lake.

We are always happy to talk through your needs so feel free to give us a ring.