Keeping chickens will add life to your garden and provide you with hours of pleasure, whether it be from collecting their eggs or simply watching them scratching around.  You might even find yourself talking to them!  They will certainly talk to you and once they get to know you, they will come running to you on sight.They are easy and cheap to feed and their eggs will provide you with the ingredients for a variety of meals - what more could you ask for?  Chickens do not need a huge space to live happily, you may decide to give them free range of your garden or simply let them roam in a small area or within an enclosed chicken run.  When choosing a house for your chickens, consider how many chickens you intend to keep and ensure you will easily be able to get to it to lock them away at night.   You can purchase layers pellets or mash to feed to your chickens daily in a specially made feeder and also a handful of corn always goes down well.  They must have a good supply of clean water and the best way to keep this is in a specially made drinker.  Also, chickens need grit to sustain their digestive system and to make their egg shells hard.  Hens will lay eggs whether or not you have a cockerel but bear in mind that if you keep a cockerel your neighbours might not like their singing! Please feel free to call us for advice.