Aviaries for Budgies

Many people know budgies as "parakeets," but their real name is "budgerigar". The word "budgerigar" comes from the aboriginal people of Australia, where budgies originated.

People seem to like to use "budgie" as a shortened version of "budgerigar". In English, "budgerigar" or "budgie" is a more accurate name, because "parakeet" actually refers to a large group of small to medium sized parrot species. That's right, budgies are actually small parrots!   Budgerigars were first brought back to England in 1840, and have since become extremely popular pets around the world. 

Most of the aviaires that we sell at Buttercup Farm are suitable for budgies and Parrots (Parrot aviaires are made with stronger wire) and many of our customers breed budgies in their Buttercup Farm aviary.  If you need help of advice on choosing an aviary, please feel free to ring or email us.