5 brilliant seeds for attracting birds into your garden


I have always enjoyed spending time lounging outside in the garden and I’ve found
that as I’ve got older, I often waste entire 5 brilliant seeds for attracting birds into your gardendays watching as the wild birds come and go, jumping and fluttering from branch to branch and singing their gorgeous songs.

 My favourite has always been the cheeky blue tit. Watching these agile little birds can provide hours of entertainment if you’re lucky enough to tempt them into your yard.

Even as I child, I can remember sitting with my parents being quizzed on all the different breeds as they came in to land for a quick snack on one of our feeders and I think that is probably where my love for bird watching began.

Over the years of gazing across my lawn, I have begun to notice that each little bird has its own preference on what food he eats. Some enjoy peanuts, some like sunflower seeds and others prefer corn, but if you don’t have the time or the money to tend to everyone’s favourite meal, here is a list of the top 5 all-round bird seeds!

5 brilliant seeds for attracting birds into your gardenSunflower seeds

All sunflower seeds are a brilliant choice for attracting wild birds. The smaller, black oil sunflower seeds are perfect for tempting songbirds into your garden whilst the larger, striped seeds are more suited to larger birds with stronger beaks.

Cracked Corn

Cracked corn is a very cheap and good all round feed that is used as a filler in most birdseed mixes. It is high in carbohydrates and because of this, is suitable for a large number of birds including those with bigger appetites.

Safflower seeds

Safflower seeds are a great choice for any garden struggling with squirrels. Unfortunately, their thick shell make then suitable for only the stronger beaked birds but its bitter taste keeps away those pesky thieves! 

Millet5 brilliant seeds for attracting birds into your garden

Millet is a brilliant, inexpensive and highly nutritious seed. It’s small, easy to eat size will attract a huge range of birds into your garden. Perfect for hoppers, tables, tube feeders and simply just spread across your lawn, millet is one of the best all round seeds to put on the menu.


Nyjer seeds are small, thin and very light and are one of the most popular types of bird seed amongst finches. Their high oil content make them perfect for winter feeding however, because of their small size, they can be easily spilled or blown away and are best fed in mesh feeders.


                                                   5 brilliant seeds for attracting birds into your garden