Ducks make wonderful pets and they lay delicious eggs.  They will control the insects in your garden, act as handy lawnmowers and bring you endless entertainment with their antics. 

There are many breeds of duck that don't need a pond, simply a bowl of water can be enough water supply but they must have enough water to clean their eyes.  A toddler’s rigid plastic paddling pool makes an ideal splashing pool if you don’t have a pond.

They can live happily with other poultry and are easy to feed and keep. Some breeds of duck like the Indian Runner ducks or Campbell ducks can lay up to 280 eggs a year.Ducks can live for up to 15 years being your constant companion but one that doesn’t need walking like a dog and ducks shouldn’t cost you a fortune in vets' bills as they rarely get ill and keep themselves impeccably clean.

We don’t recommend keeping one duck as it will get lonely.  Male ducks make less noise than the females, some of the quietest breeds are Indian Runner ducks and Campbell ducks. Ducks’ feathers are coated with oil to make them waterproof, hence the saying “Like water off a duck’s back”.

To get started with keeping ducks you will need a suitable house which is situated where you can easily let them out in the morning and shut them away at night away from foxes and other predators.  Duck houses vary in style, size, colour and design and include duck houses suitable for the back garden or for situating on the bank of a pond.  Our range of floating duck houses which you can situate on a pond, keeping the ducks away from predators at night is very popular with pond owners.  These floating duck houses can be anchored to the bottom of the pond or tethered to the bank.  Floating duck boxes make very attractive features on the water.  Ducks like to feel snug so a small entrance to their duck house is best, they like to squeeze through the duck house door and then they feel secure.When considering which breed of duck you would like to keep, consider the size of bird, their looks and also egg laying capability.  

Some ducks are quiet while others like "call ducks" can be very noisy.  Also, consider the age of the ducks you are buying as ducklings need more care than fully grown ducks.  Ducklings must not be put onto a pond straight away, they need to be fully feathered and introduced to water gradually, starting with shallow water on a tray and gradually increasing the depth.