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Keeping ducks

Campbell Ducks

Keeping Ducks

Ducks make wonderful pets and they lay delicious eggs.  They will control the insects in your garden, act as handy lawnmowers and bring you endless entertainment with their antics. 
There are many breeds of duck that don't need a pond, simply a bowl of water can be enough water supply but they must have enough water to clean their eyes.  A toddler’s rigid plastic paddling pool makes an ideal splashing pool if you don’t have a pond.  They can live happily with other poultry and are ea...

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Buckingham chicken coop

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Duck nesting time

Wild ducks, such as mallards lay eggs between now and the end of July. The female duck will build a nest from leaves and grasses and line it with down plucked from her breast. Usually, she will lay a clutch of around 12 eggs, over a period of 2-3 weeks. After each egg is added, the clutch is covered to protect it from predators and she will sit on her eggs until they hatch after 28 days. Now is the perfect time to introduce a duck house or duck box either floating on your pond or at the edge of ...

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Artificial christmas tree

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