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It’s nesting time for the ducks!

Most ducks will start to pair up between October and November, and will start nesting in March and we find that the majority of people welcome nesting ducks into their garden and really enjoy watching them. 

Ducks will prefer to nest near water although you may find them nesting in a dark corner of your flower bed.  The female generally makes her nest in a well-hidden place or in a natural hole in a tree or in a duck nesting box.  She will build a nest from leaves ...

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10/02/2017 17:02

Let's have some fun with some birdwatching. We'd love to hear from you.. what birds you have seen in your garden this week? If you need help to identify them, take a look at the RSPB bird identifier:-…/bird-and-wildlife…/bird-identifier/# or to offer them a new home:-…

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Taking Cuttings

07/02/2017 14:01

It feels like spring today here at Buttercup Farm and we feel inspired to take some root cuttings ready for the growing season.  It’s very easy and an ideal way to increase your stock of perennials, such as phlox, rhus, mint, Japanese anemones etc.  Take cuttings now and you'll be potting up your new plants in spring.  Here’s how…

With your fork, simply lift the whole plant out of the ground being careful not to damage the roots.  Separate a section of roots and replant the plant.  

Wash the roots...

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Grow yourself healthy

06/02/2017 12:54

Grow yourself healthy!

As avid gardeners, we know there is no better way to start leading a healthier lifestyle than growing your own produce! It’s packed full of vitamins, encourages us to eat more of the healthy stuff and it tastes delicious. This is our beginners guide to growing your own leaves, fruit and veg, which you can start today… 

Essential Gardening items for the new spring season

Salad Leaves

Rocket, spinach and lettuce are known in the gardening community as ‘cut and come again’ salad leaves because, quite literally, you can use them a...

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A hint of the Spring ahead

02/01/2017 15:24

A hint of the Spring ahead!




We had a lovely view here today!



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